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Wax on Wednesdays Tjanting Texture with PanPastels

I am constantly seeking out ways to add wonderful textures in encaustic . This week a traditional tjanting tool adds delightful texture to a piece and  is further enhanced with  PanPastels.

Tjanting tools are used in batik , adding a wax resist to fabric .

These tools come in various sizes both in the bowl that holds the wax and in the size of the small piping  that releases the wax.

It also comes in an electric form that keeps the wax constantly warm for the artist  . This tool will be the next on my wish list :)

In the video I have used a Jacquard tjanting tool which I have included in the list below. I have also included a few others just so you can see some of the variety of what is out there if you are not familiar with the batik process.

Please note that I have not tried any of these out yet . The only one I have tried and was successful with was the Jacquard. You do have to reheat this tool if the wax cools which is why I would be interested in seeing how the electric version …

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