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Wax on Wednesdays Accretion Method Fun !

This week a fun way to add awesome encaustic texture using the "accretion method"! This week is a 2 part video. In the first video,   I used artist's wire mesh used for creating armatures to create the initial pattern and texture and then built it up using the accretion technique. In the second video, I enhance the 3-dimensional pattern with gold leaf to make it really stand out and then add oil sticks and PanPastels creating an abstract landscape.  

Encausticology Wax and Symbolism fun! We have been creating  3-dimensional encaustic vessels for the past 2 weeks in this encaustic sculpture workshop.  You can jump in and join us anytime! Once the workshop is purchased you have it for as long as you like as a self-paced workshop with no time limits or expiration
dates!  Details for the workshop  HERE
Encaustic Vessels in "Encausticology Wax and Symbolism" online workshop

Art outing  This weekend?
If you are in the Cincinnati /NKY area  I have 4 original encaustic…

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