Nov 27, 2010

Giveaway Winners and more!!!

First off, I hope everyone had a very happy and safe holiday weekend!

I am a little late posting this , and sorry about that. We had a little touch of the stomach flu in our house this week. Everyone else was ok by Thanksgiving dinner, except for yours truly, who caught it last.
I was still able to cook dinner. Nothing daring or adventurous mind you , just the normal traditional dishes and fixings that everyone was anticipating. Family said it turned out delicious, which is wonderful.
But , as far as me eating ... well I am still putting that off for possibly tomorrow :).

This piece was made from a gorgeous piece of Flow Blue China I had been saving.Flow Blue Broken China Jewelry necklace will be on my Etsy later today.

OK on to the winners of this weeks first holiday giveaway.....
The winner of the first drawing for the Red Ribbon Vintage Charlotte Doll is
Nancy of

YAY Congratulations Nancy!
The winner of the second drawing for the JOY blocks is ...

Dede from YAY! and.....
I couldn't decide which giveaway to add the antique doll leg necklace to, so I will give one to both winners !!

Ok, a little more on this little lady.

She is part of my Vintage Canvas Doll series.
Each Canvas is 4x12" (I am really in love with this size canvas for some reason).

The canvas is hand painted, collaged with vintage papers from the late 1800s, little trinkets have been added, and all has been sealed with a lovely bees wax that gives it that dreamy appearance. The hooks make it a usable piece to hang small treasures on like earrings , a necklace etc.

She is sewn on to the base of the canvas, so that when she is hung, her little legs can dangle and dance!
She is signed and dated on the back, and will be available on my Etsy later today.

Since I am a little behind, I will post the this coming Friday's giveaway goodies tomorrow evening.

available on my Etsy later today.

Blessings to you,

Nov 22, 2010

Added to This Week's Giveaway and a Happy Birthday

My friend Paula will tell you, this was one of my 1:30 am
A-Ha Ha moments.

It is no secret , I adore these little antique bathing doll legs with the painted shoes!

So , I made them into jewelry!
I sold out of them at the Country Living Fair South, and I have just finished a few more

because I adore them so.
I am putting a couple of them in my Etsy store later today.But , I am adding my favorite Mary Jane (below) to the giveaway this week!
Not sure which of the giveaways I am adding it to yet , we will have to wait and see. (Hee Hee).
If you haven't signed up for this weeks giveaway yet , you can sign up
until Thursday at midnight. I will draw the winner on Friday (black Friday) when you all are out shopping
shopping shopping!
Wouldn't be nice if you got home , and there was a gift just for you?
I have to admit , I will be here, because I am not a huge fan of the Black Friday crowd kind of shopping
I prefer quiet shopping with a friend every once in a while.
I try to get Christmas shopping done at least crowded times. And I also believe in, and love
receiving Handmade!

"Best Friends"
original mixed media

It is also my BFF Barbara in California's Birthday this week!
Happy Birthday !!!!!
I made this one with water color, acrylics, charcoal, and 1940s vintage wallpaper, 1920s sheet music.
Have a wonderful week, and Happy Thanksgiving!