Apr 26, 2011

WEB SALE is Here! And Winners of giveaways!

Web Sale and the Winners are..........

It is going to take a moment now that the listings are live , to link them with the photos. If you are here right at 9pm , please follow this LINK to the sale to go directly to the listings.

Below is a list of items included in the web sale tonight. Please click on photos to take you directly to the Etsy listings . The only items in the store tonight are the items incuded in the "web sale" . I am here and available to answer all questions at shari.replogle@fuse.net .

I hope you enjoy tonight's offering of one of
a kind "Art to Wear Dolls" .


And the Winners are.....
The winner of the blog follower giveaway for the gift pack of vintage treasures and findings to create with is

Kathleen Kibblehouse

YAY ! Congratulations Kathleen !

The winner of the Vintage Frozen Charlotte necklace had a great eye for guessing games at the age of 8, and apparently her flair for them is still running strong ! With a guess of 91 it is Tiff of the Cranky Queen YAY Congratulations ! The actual number of gears in the jar is 93.

Each winner will receive a tassel that I added into the mix on Monday , as I did not specify which giveaway it would be included in.

Shari , what in the world did you use for the head of that tassel you ask? (Tee Hee) They are actually bullet shells that have been whimsically etched, and then given an aged patina. (My husband officially thought I lost it ) But, they came out soooo pretty! They are also in the web sale offering for you to play with tonight!

Apr 25, 2011

Show and Tell Monday / Web Sale Preview

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I want to thank everyone who sent me well wishes. I am finally feeling almost like myself again here. That was some virus ! As, I am usually a pretty tough cookie when it comes to that LOL. Here at the studio, everyone is busy getting ready for their closeups for the Web Sale Tuesday night. But , we are having major gloomy day issues! I hurry up, and set up a shot whenever I see a spot of sunshine, and by the time the piece is set , the sun has gone away LOL."Lady Julia"

I am going to hope for better tomorrow , to get in some good shots. But, here is a preview of the
Web Sale
Tuesday 9pm eastern time.
I do have some exciting new Vintage assemblages to share in the sale, I hope that you will enjoy them!
Please Click on the photos if you would like to enlarge them.

When I post tomorrow night , and you click on the photos, it will take you directly to that item's sale page. Or , you can go directly to my Etsy. But, all listings will be posted at
9pm eastern time.

(click on photos if you would like to enlarge them)

"Lady Marguerite" Also , as promised , I am ADDING to the GIVEAWAY! the winners of he giveaways will also be announced Tuesday (shortly after 9pm eastern time ) I am adding this vintage assmeblage tassel. Ready to be added to anything your heart desires!You can still sign up for the giveaways HERE (previous post) until 8pm Tuesday night.

Tuesday update Please Note: today has been very stormy on and off (and so has the whole week :)) My internet (cincinnati bell) does not like thunder and lightning :( LOL . If there is a storm tonight at the time of the sale , please bare with me until I get service back. Hopefully it will be completely clear skies (fingers crossed ), as these girls are all ready!