Jan 27, 2012

Long ago there was a war.

Like every war,
there were many wives of soldiers
who waited ...
 And hoped , and prayed.
That soon  their  soldier,
would return safely home to them.
That their love,
would not be lost...

That hope 
would not be lost.

Was she from the North?
Was she from the South ?
It matters not , love has no geographical ties.

where he left her ,
she waited patiently.

This "hope"  necklace was created with that feeling in mind.

Original antique tintype necklace "Hope",

will be in my Etsy store later today.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jan 23, 2012

Good Monday Morning!
I have a couple of new things to share, and also some details on one of my upcoming workshops!
Metal Journal Exploration
In this workshop we will be on a metal working exploration journey . 
You will learn how to create your metal journal, and create your own beautiful cover that reflects your creative vision. All journals will look completely different , a reflection of the artist creating them. Are you feeling steam punk? Romantic? It is all up to you. You will also learn assemblage of your metal journal , create a working piano style hinge , and how to attach it, fuse beautiful embellishments onto your creation, make metal head pins to hold extra treasures . In this workshop we will be using both torches and irons . A full project kit is included with the class.
All Tools are available for student use.
If you already have a small butane torch, and would like to bring it so that you do not have to wait to share that is fine, I will also have some to share in class. 
The only thing students need to bring are a cheap set of jewelry pliers (round nose , flat, and cutters ) that can get ooky. That's it!

Registration for this workshop is on the Artiscape web site  . 
There are 50 wonderful workshops to choose from
All taking place in Columbus , Ohio 
April 12-15. 2012

 Jan -March is busy , but also  my time to organize myself for the rest of the years "to do list". 
Also , time to stretch myself in the studio. "Exploration" is my key phrase for this time of year.
Although, this usually only gets to happen at 2am these days it seems lol. I am convinced that I need about 6 more hours in everyday would be a good thing.  

I just new when I saw this awesome gem type /tintype  that it needed to be a Steampunk piece. I just love the hat!! The charms are antique clock gears from my stash , on sterling head pins. 
It will be available on my Etsy later today .
Blessings to you , and have a wonderful week!