Jan 16, 2014

Gathering Day 7 Sparkle and Rust

Welcome to Day 7
The final Gathering Day!
Today the theme is 
"Sparkle and Rust"

The Special Early Bird Special of 50.00 for the Encaustics and Metal Journal Workshop
ends tonight!
The "Bird Special " will be  59.00 until January 31st.

After that the workshop will be the regular price of 69.00.
If you  would really  like to take the class , but have a tight budget
(I raised 3 , I totally get that :) please email me and I can set up a 2 payment plan 
no problem at all.
This will be my last post until probably Friday of next week .
Feel free to email me if you have any questions . 

This may be my very favorite lot of the week!

Here we go....

 1920s amber necklace made of glass,
10 beautiful etched bullets all in brass.
 rusty grubby metal Charlotte I LOVE them this way!
One rhinestone star brooch shines night or day.
 4 lovely glass prisms chandelier is long gone
 Yummy rust chain over 5 feet long !
 brass clock etched , and a vintage  buckle cut steel ,

And some more vintage bling if its sparkles you feel.

 3 tiny keys , for charms they are perfect to add,
and 6 rusty crusty charms with verdigris just a tad.

 Beautiful Aurora Borealis  beads in an antique bottle they come,
and 3 lovely buttons can't quite think where they're from.
 Here is the mix of Sparkle and Rust
There is just one of these lots , so first come you  must .


Thank you !

Jan 15, 2014

Gathering Day 6 Vintage Ephemera

 This post is waaay late today .
It might run into tomorrows at this rate!

Tomorrow is the very last day to sign up for the 
Special Early Bird price for the new online workshop 
Encaustics and Metal Journal , The Journey Begins....
You can see all of the details either on my online workshop page
 at the top tab on this blog, or also on my Etsy store.  :)

Welcome to Gathering Day 6!
Today,s theme is Vintage Ephemera
2 vintage post cards  with some kids at the beach
2 tin types of fine men, one looks as if he might give a speech. 
Some ladies are chatting ,and
3 ladies more
 2 babies , 2 children and one man who probably ran store.

Collage pages from 1938,  20 of them in all for you to play,
With the words and the illustrations, so cute I must say.
Next up we have real antique German Dresden Boys,
They all look so cute playing with toys.
 Gorgeous German Dresden Angels are in this lot too,

 And look at all the Victorian Scrap I have hoarded for  you!

 Here we have a whole pile of  old candid shots,
some women, some men, and some great ones of  tots.

 Last  up we have 4 Victorian valentines post
And one Easter, 2 Christmas , I like them the most.

That is what I brought to play ,
If you like vintage paper , then today is your day!

Just a couple little notes.
 I thought if any one had little 
fluffy white dogs they would enjoy that  Christmas post card.
And, the scrap book that the Victorian scrap pile was taken out of
( I have a huge one), Victorian  ephemera, dating back to the 1860s!
The collage pages are from a 1938 Reader and they all have absolutley
Gorgeous illustrations on each page front and back!
The snap shots are early 1900s (late teens) through early 30s. 
The listing is up on Etsy . Clip the last photo to take you there.

Blessings ,

Jan 14, 2014

Gathering Day 5 "Child's Play"

Here is Gathering Day 5!
"Child's Play " is the theme
Just 2 days left !
Early registration for "Encaustic and Metal Journal, 
The Journey Begins.... ends 
 Thursday night  at midnight.

Here we go !
 Gathering Day 5 is "child's play " for you,
5 antique doll heads, brunettes 3, and blonds 2.
 Next 8 doll legs how adorable are they,
holes already in them and ready for play.
2 frozen Charlotte dolls salvaged from the ground,
from c. about 1900 same as the others I've found. 

7  old doll parts with no paint on them plain,
 a little magic fairy dust all on a page about a train.

Lots of old toys from Cracker Jacks and Bubble Gum,
and a Japanese "Penny doll" not sure where he came from.

5 plaster doll heads , 1 small charlotte, 3 very  large they are cast,
  You can sand them, and paint them, and faux finish them fast.

2 vintage doll bodies with their heads open wide,
you get to decide what fun goes inside.
One antique wood nesting egg, one of my favorite things yet!
And all in one lot ,these are the toys you will get !

Thank you !

Jan 13, 2014

Gathering Day 4 Handmade Findings and More Treasure

For Gathering Day 4 I e Gathered some special handmade focal beads, charms , and findings, and 
LOTS to play with !
Just 3 Days left :) 

Gathering Day 4 , LOTS to play with for you,
Lets start with a heart , and 6 etched bullets too.

 A Metal Fleur Des Lis Pendant, and 3 old keys that are skeleton made,

4 huge  pretty blue beads out for you I have laid.
 2 big brass stampings 

 I like to play with them too,
 6 broken china focals if you care to try something new.
Here are  2 little bone skelly beads,
with 3 little hearts if that suits your needs.
 One etched bezel ready for you to fill,
One lonely doll, on her heart she lies still.

 One Kookie Minion I soldered him for you,
and 2 love charms, and one hope charm  too.

That is what I have today,
Definitely for those who like to play!


Whew !
 That's it for today. 
I just wanted to share a quick pic of the
 crazy "Minions" 
I did. I don't know what possessed 
me with these, but Reagan loves them LOL.
I made the eyes a long time ago for some art dolls i was doing. Found them 
tucked away in my little cubby shelf , 
already had my solder iron out,
 and here's what happened! 
( included one of them in the Gathering Day listing , the other 2 are just listed.)
3 Days left ,for the Special Early Bird Special of just 50.00 for the new online workshop!