Jul 23, 2014

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays #5!

Welcome to "Wax on Wednesdays" #5!
This week is all about mark making in the wax both on clayboard, and paper substrates !
I used the Shiva Paint Sticks for colors this week.

The paper I used was a Strathmore mixed media paper . It was 140 lb and a little heavy for this installation. If I continue with the "mark Making "series , I will use a much lighter handmade paper  , which will also be better for the wonderful translucency that I love.

I have been in an encaustic Frenzy of creating and the studio is ready for a thorough cleansing ! A fresh work surface covering on my bench, and complete dewaxing is definitely in order as my Hubby was giving me funny looks as he peeked in yesterday. "What , is my there wax in my hair?" Yeah ,  most likely :)

  But ,first I wanted to show you this piece as it was in process. This one took quite a while , so time lapsed an understatement as I didn't want to bore you with all of the tedium , but wanted you to still get an idea of the stages it goes through. I also usually work on several at a time , so that I can let the wax cool down and rest in-between.

Although it doesn't show it,  yes-er- indeed-y, every single little thin layer is either fused with heat gun or torch.

Sometimes you can't see the video when you receive the post via email. If you cannot see this video here is the direct link to it on my Youtube Channel :)

Blessings to you,

Jul 21, 2014

New Workshop Preview!

A special preview for you.
My new online workshop ,

"Encaustic Art To Wear"

Begins September 1, 2014.

Sometimes you cannot see the video when you receive the blog post via email.
If you cannot see this video , here is the direct link to the video on my youtube channel :)
Here is the deal on this one.
This workshop is in reality

  6 full completely separate workshops, rolled into 1 price:)

I am so super excited to bring to you all of these  projects we will 
be doing in this workshop ,
which will revolutionize and bring a whole new 
aspect in creating Art to Wear jewelry with wax as the main medium! 

Once the workshop begins, participants will have the workshop for a full year.
But , do to its size ,and the volume of projects, 
once the class begins in Sept,
or fills beforehand, 
the class registration will be closed. 
This one just can't  be on going 
to purchase at any time so sorry. 

I may run it a second time somewhere out there in the future.
But I do not have a date set for this as of yet.

Each week , beginning Sept 1,
 we will be doing completely different projects concentrating on 
Art To Wear, using Encaustics. 

Gorgeous 3 dimensional sculptural pieces !

Super Fun!!!!

You can see all of the details, as well as register for the


Email me if you have any questions :)