Jul 30, 2014

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays #6!

Welcome to "Wax on Wednesdays" #6 !

This week was all about masking and layering. 

I love the way the oil colors sometimes separate when heated.
Its sometimes a fine line to walk between a soft and delicate subtle  separation, and "uh oh" totally devastating 
separation :) Slow and Careful , and gentle patience are key. 

The colors I used this week were Sennelier oil pastels , Shiva Paint Sticks, and Rand F
titanium white on cradled clay board. 

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I hope you enjoy this weeks video !

Thank you! to Laura and Deb for the super  sweet birthday wishes, and also all the kind emails :)
My "reply " button on Blogger hasn't worked the past couple of days on any of my devices (ipad, mac, iphone ) I tried them all ! Anyone else having this issue?

"Silly Song and Carry On"
The beads we will be creating in the "Encaustic Art To Wear " Workshop !
I am in love with all of the possibilities with this technique. So much beautiful color , depth , and texture!

This is just one of the 6 full projects we will be getting into . Each week will feature and entirely new project!

Blessings to you,

Jul 28, 2014

On My Table Today

"It takes Courage"  by Shari Replogle -Quote  EE Cummings
This is on my table today. 
I thought it appropriate as I turn another year older today.
29 for the umpteenth time of course!

Encaustic Vessels by Shari Replogle

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